Welcome to my garden! It is my inspiration and my place of refuge. My peaceful place.

My go to place for relaxation and for fun. I hope you enjoy “strolling through” it as much as I do.

It all began in a garden… Ms. DuMont grew up on an orchard in a small town in British Columbia. She spent her summers
picking fresh fruit and watching her parents tend vegetable and flower gardens. Ms. DuMont believes that gardens feed the soul. In 2001 she became a Master Gardener and then a garden designer in order to help others create their own sanctuaries. She now wants to bring her love of plants to you and your home with her signature fabrics.

March 2020 Garden

Spring Garden April 2019

Drought Tolerant Fountain

Drought tolerant plantings have replaced water in an old fountain. Hot pink accents are a Ms. DuMont favorite. Beautiful agave in the low blue container.

Garden Pathway

A beautiful path leading from the north shade garden to the agave garden.

Golden Light in the Garden

Ms. DuMont’s garden is the inspiration for her fabric designs. This pathway winds around to the shade garden on the north side. The Yucca rostrata in the tall blue container looks like a glowing star when back lit by the late afternoon sun. It also casts fabulous shadows!

Containers All Around

There are over 150 containers of varying sizes, colors and shapes in Ms. DuMont’s amazing garden.