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Nurtured by Nature, Crafted with Passion: Experience Ms. DuMont's Garden-Inspired Creations

Greetings! I am Ms. DuMont, the visionary behind the enchanting fusion of nature and artistry that defines my unique business. As a master gardener, skilled graphic designer, avid amateur photographer, and passionate seamstress, I have embarked on an extraordinary journey to craft a world where the beauty of plants seamlessly intertwines with the realm of fashion and home decor.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Northern California, my creative haven is where I pour my heart and soul into crafting exquisite accessories that celebrate the splendor of the garden. With unwavering devotion, I have meticulously cultivated a succulent wonderland, each plant tenderly nurtured by my hands. This garden, a living canvas, serves as the wellspring of inspiration for the captivating designs that grace my creations.

My process is a symphony of creativity. Each succulent and plant that graces my garden becomes a subject of my affectionate lens. Through the lens of my camera, I capture their essence, preserving their intricate details and vibrant hues. Drawing from my extensive background in graphic design, I deftly transform these photographs into captivating patterns that pay homage to the delicate symmetry and uniqueness of nature’s creations.

Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology, I breathe life into my designs, adorning luxurious fabrics with the harmonious marriage of art and nature. Every piece that emerges reflects my dedication to quality and an unyielding commitment to aesthetics. From scarves that drape elegantly around the shoulders to cushions that infuse warmth into living spaces, my creations transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

My journey is one defined by passion and purpose. With a heart brimming with adoration for the natural world, I wholeheartedly believe that the little things in life have the power to elevate our surroundings and kindle joy. Every stitch, every print, and every creation I offer is a testament to this belief—a belief that homes can be sanctuaries of beauty and self-expression.

As you explore my collection, you’ll discover not just accessories, but stories woven with care and creativity. Each piece is an embodiment of my love for both my craft and the environment, a testimony to the enchantment that emerges when nature and art become one. Welcome to a world where gardens and creativity entwine, and where I, Ms. DuMont, invite you to experience the magic firsthand.

Upcoming Events

Ms. DuMont participates in several live events throughout the year where you can meet her in person and see the products up close. Stop by and say hello!

July 20-21, 2024; 10-4 ~ Art Under the Oaks, Alden Lane Nursery, Livermore, CA. More info HERE

September 17, 2024 ~ Holidays on a High Note, Menlo Circus Club, Atherton, CA

Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2024 ~ Craneway Craft Fair, Henry J Kaiser Center, Oakland, CA

February 19-23, 2025 ~ Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Seattle, WA

Ms. DuMont Garden Tour Gather your gardening friends and tour the garden where it all happens. Shop items not available on the website. For more information, please email

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